: INOX parts and equipment

INOX parts and equipment

From the offer we underline the following products and services:

  • working tables of various sizes and use
  • multifunctional pots and bowls- shapes and capacities according to agreement or blue print
  • transport trolley to meet your needs
  • different mixers to meet your needs
  • different accesories for machine mixing (knives, beaters, mixers and similair.)
  • metal tables and chairs for food service industry in different shapes and sizes, and on order
  • manufacture of different parts and accesories by design or on order
  • possible general or minor repairs of all types of machines in your facility
  • special welding of stainless steel (argon gas welding)

All products are more of stainless steel (Rostfrei, Inox) specially approved for food industry. All machines and parts have been certified.