: Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers

The mixers are intended to mix different creams and dough in pastry shops, food service industry, hotels and other companies and institutions that use kitchens and can be used in other industries and laboratories (farmaceutical laboratories, production of cosmetics and drugs), in meat and food industry for mixing different types of mixtures.

Mixers are equipped with 3 speed gear box and heat treated and grinded steel gearing, ensuring silent machine work. The system enables greater power transport with maximal overload and longer life span of mixers.

With the mixers we deliver a stainless bowl, two beaters and dough hook

All mixer parts are developed according to the latest sanitary regulations. The machines have been certified. We offer a possibility of modification of all mixers to meet your needs.


Complete offer of machines can be found under the link Catalogue of mixers and equipment!