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Planetary counter-current mixer PPM 100

Planetarna mješalica PPM 100 Planetarna mješalica PPM 100

Powerfull planetary mixer with high capacity and variety of possibilities can mix 400 kg of hard dough in 1 hour.  Mixer can be used for various creams and doughs in pastry shops, food service industry, hotels and other companies and institutions with kitchens.

Besides the food industry and the food service industry, this mixers are used in various industries for quality mixing of material. Such as: in labs for mixing drugs, ointments, teas and similair; in printing offices for mixing colours; in meat and food industry for mixing different mixtures of meat, spices etc.

Technical data:

  • Electromotor: 3 kW
  • Two speeds, mechanical gear
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Dimensions: Depth 960 mm, width 680 mm, height 1435mm
  • Torque at speed: 17/50; 35/110; rpm
  • Warranty: 5 years with regular servicing by authorized service
  • Oil in gearbox: HIPENOL SAE 140/90
  • Quantity of mixed dough: up to 70 kg of flour
  • Elektromagnetic bowl contraction and lift
  • Lifting and lowering bowl through a reductor
  • Built in device for the protection of electromotor
  • Built in inox guides 25 with whipers and guides’ lubricators
  • Gear box, closed oil bath system. 13 l HIPENOL SAE 140/90
  • All parts have been manufactured in accordance with the latest sanitary regulations.


  • Inox planetary pot: 100 L 1 piece
  • Choice of inox mixers 2 pieces
  • Transport trolley 1 piece